HPLC Column Manuals

Manuals are available for COSMOSIL, COSMOCORE, and COSMOGEL series products.

TypePacking materialManual (PDF)
Reversed phase and normal phase columns, particle size 5 µm, 15 µm
* Excluding guard cartridges

COSMOSIL 5C18-MS-II, 5C18-AR-II, 5C18-PAQ, Cholester, PBr, 5PFP, πNAP, PYE, NPE, 5CN-MS, 5C22-AR-II, 5C8-MS, 5C4-MS, 5TMS-MS, 5PE-MS, 5SL-II, Protein-R, 5C18-AR-300, 5C8-AR-300, 5C4-AR-300, 5Ph-AR-300, 15C18-MS-II, 15C18-AR-II, 15C18-PAQ, 15SL-II, similar legacy columns

Reversed phase and normal phase columns, particle size 3 µm COSMOSIL 3C18-EB, 3C18-MS-II, 3C18-AR-II, 3SL-II View/download
Reversed phase columns, particle size 2.5 µm COSMOSIL 2.5C18-MS-II, 2.5Cholester, 2.5πNAP View/download
COSMOCORE columns COSMOCORE 2.6C18, 2.6Cholester, 2.6PBr View/download
CHiRAL columns COSMOSIL CHiRAL 3A, 5A, 3B, 5B, 3C, 5C View/download
HILIC columns COSMOSIL HILIC, 2.5HILIC View/download
Columns for mRNA and oligonucleotide purification COSMOSIL RNA-SEC-1000, RNA-SEC-2000, RNA-RP1 View/download
Saccharide separation columns COSMOSIL Sugar-D, 5NH2-MS, similar legacy columns View/download
Gel filtration columns COSMOSIL 5Diol-120-II, 5Diol-300-II, 5Diol-1000-II View/download
Hydrophobic interaction chromatography columns COSMOSIL HIC View/download
Fullerene separation columns COSMOSIL Buckyprep, Buckyprep-M, Buckyprep-D, PBB View/download
Carbon nanotube (CNT) separation columns COSMOSIL CNT-300, CNT-1000, CNT-2000 View/download
SFC columns COSMOSIL 3PY, 3HP, 5PY, 5HP, 5Diol, 5Cholester, 5πMAX, 5PBr, other SFC columns View/download
Guard cartridges Guard cartridges for all phases View/download