Application Notes


Antibiotics Analysis

DEHP Analysis

Fatty Acid Anaylsis by HPLC

Food Additive Analysis

Food Addtive and Contaminant Analysis

Analysis of Sugars in Honey and Syrup

Polyphenol Analysis

Rare Sugar Analysis

Saccharide Analysis

Tocopherol Analysis

Vitamin D2/D3 Analysis

Vitamin E Analysis

Cisplatin and its Variants in Water

Inulin in Beverages

Mumefural in Mume Fruit Extract

Flavonoid Glycosides in Vegetables

Natural Compounds

Analysis of Natural Compounds by 2.5Cholester

New Antimycotic Substances (5aTHQs)


Acarbose Analysis

Cannabinoid Analysis

Cannabigerolic Acid (CBGA) and Isomer Analysis by LC-MS/MS

Polar molecule separation