Poster name Conference Available languages
HPLC Purification of mRNA with Reverse Phase and Size Exclusion Chromatography TIDES 2019 English
LC-MS Analysis of Mycotoxins – Unique Stationary Phases for Alternative Selectivity AOAC 2019 Denver English
HPLC columns with unique selectivity for nucleic acids HPLC 2019 Milan English
Research into the Retention Mechanism of SFC SFC Asia 2017 English
Identifying vitamins D2/D3 and their 25-OH metabolites and C3 epimers in a single LC-MS run HPLC 2017 Prague English
Profiling of 11 Cannabinoid Mixture by PBr HPLC column AOAC 2017 English
Selectivity Comparison of Bromobenzyl (PBr) to Fluorophenyl (PFP) Core-Shell HPLC Columns ASMS 2017 English
Differentiate Δ9-THC from Δ8-THC by Reversed-Phase Core-Shell HPLC Column EAS 2016 English
Comparing BromoBenzyl (PBr) to FluoroPhenyl (PFP) Stationary Phases in Core-Shell HPLC Columns EAS 2016 English