Custom Services for Cell Culture Media

Custom and Bulk Reagents

Nacalai Tesque offers custom and bulk service for normal solution, buffers and staining solution to your personal requirements.

For researchers who want

  • Save time for preparing reagents
  • Quality guaranteed reagents
  • Change concentration of reagents
  • Reagents of composition appeared in the literature
  • Avoid wasting reagents
  • Reduce risks of touching dangerous substances
  • Usable packages to your applications (Glass/PP/PE/PET/Faucet package)

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Cell Culture Media

Nacalai Tesque offers custom service for cell culture media according to your personal requirements.

For researchers who want

  • Specific compositions appeared in the literature
  • Modifying the composition of commercially available cell culture media
    without the specific amino acids
    Change concentration of vitamins
  • Getting rid of phenol red due to its estrogen effect.

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Product Form Powder
Minimum PKG Size 500 g
Package Grass
Quality guaranteed items pH
Osmotic pressure
Endotoxin tested
Lead time 4-8 weeks

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