Activin A Solution, Human, Recombinant

Activin A is an important protein on regenerative medicine research because of maintaining pluripotency of hPSCs and helping differentiation to cardiomyocyte. This product obtained written confirmation of raw material eligibility from the PMDA: the pharmaceutical regulatory and review agency of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

*Manufactured by AJINOMOTO CO., INC


  • Free from components of animal origin
  • Frozen solution; easy to use
  • High purity and activity
  • High batch homogeneity

Comparsion with competitors

Nacalai Tesque Company A Company B Company C
Host cell E.coli E.coli CHO cell Human cell
Endotoxin < 0.01 EU/μg NA < 0.01 EU/μg < 0.1 EU/μg
Purity ≥ 97% (SDS-PAGE) ≥ 97% (SDS-PAGE, HPLC) > 95% (SDS-PAGE) ≥ 95% (SDS-PAGE)
Bio activity*1 WHO standard*2 ED50 ± 50% (K562) ED50 ≤ 2.0 ng/mL (MPC-11) ED50: 0.2 - 1.2 ng/mL (K562) ED50: 0.5 - 5 ng/mL (MPC-11)
Form Frozen liquid (0.1 mg/mL) Lyophilized Lyophilized Lyophilized

*1: Measured by its ability to include hemoglobin expression in K562 human chronic myelogenous leukemia cells

*2: NIBSC code, 91/626

Product form

Concentration* 0.1 mg/mL with HPLC
N-terminal Gly-Leu-Glu
Buffer 50 mM sodium acetate buffer, pH 4.6
Endotoxin < 0.01 EU/μg (LAL method)
Sterilization Sterilized with 0.2 μm filter

*As concentration of 1 mg packing size, #18585-81, may differ on each lot, contact us if you need information.


Takebe, T. et al. Massive and Reproducible Production of Liver Buds Entirely from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells. Cell Rep. 2017, 21(10), p. 2661-2670.


Need an optimization of concentration for the first time.


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Product information

Product Name Storage Catalog Number PKG Size Price
Activin A Solution, Human, Recombinant -80°C 18585-36 10 μg e-Nacalai
18585-94 50 μg
18585-81 1 mg