Bullet CBB Stain Lite

Bullet CBB Stain Lite is a one-step, 15 minutes complete Coomassie Brilliant Blue staining solution. Compared to our previous product, it reduces staining time and steps, allowing for a clear staining image in a shorter period. Additionally, since there is
no need for a destaining step, the staining image can be observed during the staining process.


  • In one step, complete staining in 15 minutes
    No need for gel pre-staining washing
    Clear staining image without the need for a destaining step
  • Free from strong irritants like acetic acid and methanol


Staining image within the staining solution

Stained protein samples after electrophoresis using this product. User can visualize staining image within a tray containing the staining solution using this product.




Sample Protein extract from E. coli,dissolve in sample buffer (for SDS-PAGE, 2x, 2-ME) (#30566-22)


Bullet PAGE Plus Precast Gel, 5-20%, 17wells(#21794-54)400V(constant voltage), for 10 minutes

CBB stain

Bullet CBB Stain Lite(#21964)at room temperature for 15 minutes


Comparison of various CBB staining solutions


Bullet CBB Stain Lite
CBB Stain One Super
CBB Stain One
Rapid Stain CBB Kit
Dye CBB G-250 CBB R-250 CBB G-250 CBB R-250
Package contents
  • Single bottle
  • Acetic acid and methanol-free
  • Single bottle
  • Acetic acid and methanol-free
  • Single bottle
  • Acetic acid and methanol-free
  • Two bottles
  • Acetic acid and methanol-free
Pretreatment No need


(3 times x 5 mins.)


(3 times x 5 mins.)


(Mixing two liquids)

Staining time 15 mins.* 30 mins. 60 mins. 20 mins.
Destaining No need* Over 1 hr.
Detection sensitivity Several tens of ng (BSA)

* For gel drying/preservation, stain and destain for 1 hour each.

Example of staining

Staining image after staining procedure (without destaining)

This product allows user to visualize staining image with a low background without destaining step.


Staining image after destaining step

This product allows for the visualization of staining image after 15 minutes of staining without a destaining step. However, by extending both staining and destaining steps to 60 minutes each, a clearer staining image can be achieved.



Sample Diluted Protein Markers (10x)(#29458-24) into ① 3x, ② 1x, ③ 1/3x, and ④ 1/10x, then added 2 µL.


Extra PAGE One Precast Gel, 5-20%, 13wells(#13063-74) 400 V(constant voltage), for 30 mins.

Ordering information


Product nameStorageProduct numberPackage sizePrice
Bullet CBB Stain Lite Refrigerate 21964-24 50 mL e-Nacalai.jpg
21964-95 500 mL