Digitonin (water-soluble)

Detergent used to solubilize membrane proteins

Digitonin is a detergent used to solubilize membrane proteins for protein structural analysis. It takes, however, a long time to dissolve with water, and often precipitates. It also has high lot-to-lot variation, due to being derived from a natural compound. This product is well designed to be dissolved in water without precipitating.


  • Water-soluble at room temperature (100 mg/ml)
  • No precipitation after dissolution

Comparison data

Digitonin comparison

This product was dissolved easily with water at 100 mg/ml without heating, and no precipitation was observed even after leaving for a week at 4°C, while the previous product needed time and heating, and precipitation appeared.

Ordering information

Product Name Grade Catalog number PKG Size Price
Digitonin(water-soluble) SP
(for research of insoluble protein)
19390-04 100 mg e-Nacalai
19390-91 1 g

For research use only, not intended for diagnostic or drug use.