Disposable tray for gel and membrane staining

Useful disposable tray for SDS-PAGE gel and membrane staining. Three sizes are available.


  • Foldable material: easy to discard excess liquid without dropping of gel/membrane
  • Disposable tray: lower contamination risk
  • High chemical resistance: made with polypropylene

Bullet PAGE Precast Gel (W 80 mm × L 70 mm) shown in each tray.
(Half-sized gel placed in the SS size.)


Three sizes are available: SS, S, M


Dispotray-SS Dispotray-S Dispotray-m
Catalog number 19386-74 19386-82 16551-84
Size(mm) 100×70×13 150×105×19 200×140×25
Bottom area size(mm) 80×50 122×80 165×105
Liquid volume
*1, *2, *3, *4
T-174-2-p1-ss-h300.png T-174-2-p1-s-h300.png T-174-2-p1-m-h300.png

*1 Bullet CBB Stain One (#13542) was poured into each tray.

*2 Recommended volume differs depending on shaking strength and liquid properties (organic solvent, detergent, etc.)

*3 At a small volume of staining dye, stronger shaking stains a gel more evenly.

*4 At a large volume of staining dye, adjust the shaker strength level so that it does not spill out.


Western blotting (Half-mini-gel-seized membrane) with Dispotray-SS

Western blotting
Membrane :
PVDF membrane (W 50 mm × L 75 mm)
Liquid :
10 mL of Bullet ImmunoReaction Buffer (#18439-85)

CBB staining and Western blotting (Half-sized gel) with Dispotray-S

CBB staining Western blotting
T-174-2-p2-S_Extra-h160.png T-174-2-p2-S_jisakigel-h160.png T-174-2-p2-S_WB-h160.png
Gel :
Extra PAGE One Precast Gel
(W 80 mm × L 90 mm × H 1 mm*)

Staining dye :
50 mL of CBB Stain One (#04543)
Gel :
Laemmli separating gel
(W 90 mm × L 65 mm × H 1 mm)

Staining dye :
50 mL of CBB Stain One Super (#11642)
Membrane :
PVDF membrane
(W 100 mm × L 75 mm)

Blocking :
20 mL of Bullet Blocking One (#13779)

* A gel might be a bit bigger than the SS tray. In that case, 30 mL of staining solution or greater, or cutting the top of the gel (well area) would be recommended.

Silver and CBB staining with Dispotray-M

Silver staining CBB staining
siyourei_m.jpg T-174-2-p2-M_TGX-h166.png
Gel :
Laemmli gel (W 90 mm × L 75 mm × H 1 mm)

Staining dye :
100 mL of Sil-Best Stain One (#06865-81)
Gel :
TGX gel from Bio-rad (W 86 mm × L 70 mm × H 1 mm)

Staining dye :
100 mL of Bio-Safe Coomassie Stain (#161-0786)

TGX and Bio-Safe are trademarks of Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.


siyouhou_s_1.jpg siyouhou_s_2.jpg siyouhou_s_3.jpg
Figure 1.
Area to fold
Figure 2.
Folding to discard liquid
Figure 3.
Rolling to discard liquid completely


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Ordering Information

Product Name Catalog Number PKG Size Price
Dispotray-SS 19386-74 40 pieces e-Nacalai
Dispotray-S 16526-82 25 pieces
Dispotray-M 16551-84 20 pieces