iPSC detector RNA Switch™ and iPSC eliminator RNA Switch™

iPSC detector RNA SwitchTM(P-0003)

iPSC detector RNA SwitchTM is a product that can be used as a fluorescence confirmation tool because it uses a fluorescent protein as a marker gene and can be used with Control Detector RNA SwitchTM (P-0001) as a control.

iPSC detector RNA Switch.JPG


iPSC eliminator RNA SwitchTM(P-0006)

iPSC eliminator RNA Switch™ uses puromycin resistance protein as a marker gene and can only remove iPS cells by using the puromycin.

iPSC eliminator RNA Switch.png

                         Before                                                      After

Selection result by iPSC eliminator RNA SwitchTM
(The part shown by”i“in the above figure is iPS cell)

iPSC eliminator RNA Switch_application.JPG


Product information

Product name Cat.No. Size* Storage
iPSC detector RNA SwitchTM P-0003 9μg -80℃
iPSC eliminator RNA SwitchTM P-0006 9μg -80℃


Related product

Product name Cat.No. Size* Storage
Control detector RNA SwitchTM P-0001 9μg -80℃
puro resistant mRNATM P-0007 9μg -80℃


※The amount guarantees minimum 9μg.

RNA SwitchTM series is registered trademark of aceRNA Technologies Co., Ltd.