Bullet CBB Stain One (Ready to Use)


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  • Fast staining: One-step staining in 15 minutes
  • Easy to use: No need for pretreatment, washing, destaining or microwaving
  • Safety: No harmful solvents such as methanol or acetic acid
  • Highly sensitive: As little as several tens of ng of protein (BSA) can be detected

Product Information

CBB Stain One series

Bullet CBB Stain One
CBB Stain One Super
CBB Stain One
Rapid Stain CBB
Dye CBB G-250 CBB R-250 CBB G-250 CBB R-250
Package contents Single bottle Single bottle Single bottle Two bottles
Pretreatment Not necessary Washing (3 x 5 min.) Washing (3 x 5 min.) Staining solution preparation
Staining time 15 min.* 30 min. 60 min. 20 min.
Destaining Not necessary* Over 1 hr.
Detection sensitivity Several tens of ng (BSA)

*For gel drying/preservation, stain and destain for 1 hour each.


Comparison Data

Bullet CBB Stain One produces excellent staining images with low background despite no destaining step.

Staining without Destaining


Getting Higher Sensitivity with Destaining



Bullet CBB Stain One (Ready to Use)pdf (PDF 65 KB)


Bullet CBB Stain One (Ready to Use)pdf (PDF 0.8 MB)

Ordering Information

Product Name Grade Storage Product No. PKG Size Price
Bullet CBB Stain One (Ready To Use) SP RT 13542-94 50ml e-Nacalai 
13542-65 500ml
13542-81  1L

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(Storage) RT: Room temperature, A: Cool and dark, R: Refrigerator, F: Freeze