Small molecules for stem cell research


  • Free from components of animal origin


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Product Name Function CAS RN® Storage Grade Catalog Number PKG Size Price
5-Aza-2'-deoxycytidine(Decitabine), Animal-Free DNA methyltransferase inhibitor. Improves self-duplication ability on hematopoietic stem cells. 2353-33-5 R SP(for TC) 18765-34 10 mg e-Nacalai
CHIR99021, Animal-Free GSK-3 inhibitor. Improves reprograming efficiency and enhances the differentiation to cardiomyocyte and neurocyte. 252917-06-9 F SP(for Biochemical research) 18764-44 5 mg e-Nacalai
DAPT, Animal-Free γ-Secretase Inhibitor. Enhances the differentiation from PSCs to neurocyte. 208255-80-5 R SP(for Biochemical research) 18767-14 5 mg e-Nacalai
Dorsomorphin Dihydrochloride, Animal-Free AMPK inhibitor. Enhances the differentiation from PSCs from cardiomyocyte. Along with SB 431542 and CHIR99021, enhances the differentiation to PSCs. 1219168-18-9 RT SP(for Biochemical research) 18768-04 5 mg e-Nacalai
17β-Estradiol, Animal-Free Enhances the differentiation from PSCs to dopaminergic neuron. 50-28-2 R SP(for Biochemical research) 18192-92 25 mg e-Nacalai
IWP-2, Animal-Free PORCN inhibitor; inhibits processing and secretion of Wnt. Enhances the differentiation from PSCs to cardiomyocyte. 686770-61-6 R SP(for Biochemical research) 18175-64 5 mg e-Nacalai
SB 431542, Animal-Free TGF-βRI, ALK4 and ALK7 inhibitor. Improves reprograming efficiency along with PO0325901 or thiazovivin. 301836-41-9 RT SP(for Biochemical research) 18176-54 5 mg e-Nacalai
U0126, Animal-Free MEK1 or MEK2 inhibitor. Maintains PSCs on undifferentiation. 109511-58-2 R SP(for Biochemical research) 18766-24 5 mg e-Nacalai
Y-27632 endotoxin tested, Animal-Free P160ROCK inhibitor. Blocks apoptosis of dissociated PSCs and improves survival rate of cryopreserved PSCs. 129830-38-2 F SP(for TC) 18188-04 5 mg e-Nacalai

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Product Name CAS RN® Storage Grade Catalog Number PKG Size Price
Y-27632 129830-38-2 F SP(for Biochemical research) 08945-71 1 mg e-Nacalai
08945-84 5 mg e-Nacalai
08945-42 25 mg e-Nacalai