VEGF165 Solution, Human, Recombinant

VEGF (Vascular endothelial growth factor), also known as VEGF-A, is a member of the VEGF family. It specifically targets vascular endothelial cells and plays a role in vascular development during the embryonic stage as well as in pathological angiogenesis, such as in cancer.
※This product is manufactured by Ajinomoto Co., Inc.


  • Easy-to-use in liquid form
  • High purity
  • Free from human and animal-derived ingredients

Purity comparison 1


スクリーンショット 2023-11-21 144648.png


① Protein Markers(10x)(#29458-24) with reducing agent
②, ⑤ This product: 500 ng
③, ⑥ Company A: 500 ng
④, ⑦ Company B: 500 ng
※① - ④ w/ reducing agent, ⑤ - ⑦ w/o reducing agent
Sample preparation
【with reducing agent】Prepared by sample Buffer Solution with 2-ME(2x) for SDS-PAGE(#30566-22)
【without reducing agent】Sample Buffer Solution without 2-ME(2x) for SDS-PAGE(#30567-12)
Extra PAGE One Precast Gel, 5-20%, 17wells(#13064-64)
CBB Stain
CBB Stain One(Ready To Use)(#04543)

VEGF is a homodimeric protein formed through disulfide bonds of a 19.2 kDa monomer. In both our product and those from other manufacturers, protein bands were identified at about 20 kDa for the monomer under reducing conditions and at about 40 kDa for the dimer under non-reducing conditions when analyzed by SDS-PAGE.

Purity comparison 2


Analysis conditions
COSMOSIL Protein-R Packed Column
4.6 mm I.D. × 150 mm(#06526-21)
Flow Rate
1.0 mL/min
Mobile Phase
A: 0.05% TFA-20% Acetonitrile、
B: 0.05% TFA-40% Acetonitrile、
B conc. 0 → 100% 20 min Liner gradient
UV 220 nm
0.1 mg/mL VEGF protein from each company
Injection volume
10 µL

For both our product and products from other companies, sharp peaks were observed, suggesting that the proteins possesse a single hydrophobicity.

Performance comparison


This product Company A Company B
Host Coliform bacteria E. coli Insect cells
Endotoxin < 0.1 EU/µg
< 1 EU/µg
< 0.01 EU/µg
Purity ≧ 95%
≧ 98%
> 97%
Biological activity* EC50, 1 ~ 30 ng/mL ED50, 1.0 ~ 8.0 ng/mL ED50, 1 ~ 6 ng/mL
Product form Solution Lyophilized powder Lyophilized powder

This product is a recombinant protein expressed by gram-positive soil bacterium Corynebacterium glutamicum
*This product is measured using a reporter assay with VEGFR2/NFAT, while products from other companies are measured using a proliferation assay with HUVEC cells.

Ordering information


Product Name Storage Product Number PKG Size Price
VEGF165 Solution, Human, Recombinant Ultra Freeze
21957-24 10 µg e-Nacalai
21957-66 50 µg
21957-11 1 mg