COSMOCORE (2.6 μm Core Shell Particle)

About Core-Shell Particles

Schematic diagram

Core-shell particles consist of a nonporous core inside a porous shell. By using these core-shell particles, one can achieve sharper peaks compared to fully porous silica gel particles of the same diameter.

Uniform Particle Size Distribution Compared to 1.7 µm Particles

Compared to fully porous particles, core-shell particles have a more uniform particle diameter therefore, core-shell particles can be packed in the column more uniformly to minimize sample diffusion.


Mass Transfer Equivalent to Fully Porous sub-2 µm Particles

Mass transfer refers to the time it takes for a sample molecule to enter and leave a particle. In general, lower mass transfer time corresponds to less diffusion and sharper peaks. Even though COSMOCORE 2.6C18 has a larger particle diameter than fully porous sub-2 µm particles, the mass transfer characteristics are similar.



Column 2.6C18 2.6Cholester 2.6PBr
USP Code L101  
Silica Gel Core-shell type silica
Particle Size 2.6 µm
Average pore size 1.6 µm
Pore Size approx. 90 Å
Specific Surface Area approx. 150 m2/g
Stationary Phase Stationary phase C18-AR-II C18-PAQ
Octadecyl group
Cholesteryl Group
Main Interaction Hydrophobic interaction Hydrophobic interaction
Molecular shape selectivity
Hydrophobic interaction
Dispersion force
End Capping Treatment Yes
Carbon Content approx. 7% - -
pH Range 1.5-10 2-7.5
Maximum puressure 60MPa