RNA Switch™ series

RNA SwitchTM series is product series utilizing "RNA Switch technology" which was invented by Prof. Hirohide Saito who works at CiRA, Kyoto University. RNA Switch can regulate expression of genes in a cell by detecting microRNA (miRNA) which exists in a cell and have various roles for cellular mechanisms. One of the major features is that cells can distinguish the active state of miRNAs in living cells and it can be used for regenerative medicine by using an RNA switch for cell-type specific active miRNAs identified by this tool. It enables identification and selection of differentiated target cells, such as cardiomyocytes, and application as a searching tool for disease-related miRNAs.

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RNA SwitchTM is an artificially synthesized mRNA that contains an array that recognizes miRNAs and a marker gene. This series enables identification and selection of cells by using marker genes such as fluorescent proteins and suicide genes. It is possible to purify only specific cells without using a cell sorter or other devices and can be easily introduced into cells by the same process as normal transfection.

CM detector RNA SwitchTM and CM purifier RNA SwitchTM

iPSC detector RNA SwitchTM and iPSC eliminator RNA SwitchTM


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Product information

Product name Cat.No. Size* Storage
Control detector RNA SwitchTM P-0001 9μg -80℃


※The amount guarantees minimum 9μg.

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